Our team is hard at work supporting our retail partners maintain grocery’s essential service during this crisis. They are making things #possible.
We thank our partners for helping families and communities during this time of crisis. 
We thank our team. We know this could not be done without their hard work everyday. 
For those that want to and are able to work, we are hiring. 
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We’ve learned from experience that real success is built on relationships. Whether we’re:

  • Updating your front-end racking and product assortment to ignite your shopper curiosity
  • Setting up a display to maximize sales in peak season
  • Auditing your promotion items every week to motivate compliance
  • Moving an entire store to keep shoppers coming back.


We drive what you want to drive. We’ve no hidden agenda. We’re not a broker. We’re a partner. 

It helped us grow from a handful of stores into full-service partnerships with 40,000+ retail locations. 

We’ve grown our business one relationship at a time by continually asking one simple question:

How can we help you grow yours?


Every person who works for TNG Retail Services is a trained employee, a colleague and a team member—not a contractor or day laborer. All 10,000+ of us. Committing ourselves to our company and to each other means we can deliver better service, greater value and more smile-worthy experiences for our customers—and yours.

Plus, it’s more fun—and rewarding—when we’re all in it together.

Looking to join our growing team? Check out our careers page.


Compliance Watch

Proof is in the pudding, they say. But, how do you know you have the level of compliance on promotions that you think you have in each and every store? How do you know which locations are best for which products?

We know our Compliance Watch program gives you unbiased knowledge on a store-by-store basis. 

Point Of Purchase Display

At the moment of truth, you have one final opportunity to convert a shopper into a consumer.  We ensure your POP material is displayed and campaign goals are realized through an execution that matches your vision. 

Labor You Need

As a possible extension of your team, we can merchandise, place POP, build seasonal displays & set endcaps. We’re experts at execution. 

Insights and Highlights

We bring energy back into the stable battery category. We reset TV walls and build semi-permanent displays that grab shopper attention. We even increase sales by mere tagging changes at times, and for others, we move product to those high-volume front-end merchandisers to move more, quicker. 

"I want to commend you and your Retail Team for the excellent work you provide Duracell week in and week out at Meijer. The stores look well stocked and the 30+ locations per store are well taken care of. Your support on the New Duracell Optimum launch was critical to the success of our biggest initiative in 50 years! Your coordination of the resets allowed Meijer to be first to market, thank you and your team for all your support!”
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Every single day, the team at TNG Retail Services moves merchandise – for retailers and suppliers to retail across the U.S.
We move products to move businesses forward. We simplify the complex, deliver your impossible
We stock shelves, and then we help unstock them, with powerful shopper analytics that optimize merchandising for your customers, your individual stores and your brand.