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We are partners, colleagues, and coworkers, not contractors. Become one of our people and help us move businesses forward.

From field merchandising to team management, we’re looking for great people who think anything is possible, love solving puzzles, see challenges as opportunities, and enjoy making a difference in peoples’ everyday lives.   


We are the people who handle product movement at retail. We display it, we move it, we track it; making sure stores and their product suppliers have the best opportunities for optimal sales. 

We support communities and families by supporting retailers. When you join our people-powered company, you become one of the behind-the-scenes team members who make it possible. 

Today, we are a new team, as part of the SAS Retail Services family. We are moving forward with a  “committed to retail” company that has a culture of respect, trust, and expertise. We are excited to provide new opportunities and make things #possible for our team members now that #WeAreSASRetail. Come join us there.


Our people are our number one asset and through them, we exceed client expectations. Self-motivation and self-improvement are qualities team members at TNG Retail Services have. They wear many hats everyday.  Every day is different and that’s one of the things our team members love. Depending upon the work, you either work independently or as a team. However, you are never on your own. With our support network and today’s technology, you are empowered to excel.  

Our backgrounds are different, but we all work as one. We make more possible.


Are you looking for consistent part-time work with flexible hours? 

We offer:

  • A consistent work schedule with a competitive hourly rate
  • Independent work that fits into your schedule of other part-time jobs or your kid’s school schedule
  • Paid training
  • Potential for advancement

You enjoy:

  • Working at major brand retailers such as Wal-Mart, Kroger, Publix Target, among many others.
  • Displaying new product, removing the old. Setting product to plans and taking pictures of  your wonderful results. 
  • Positively interacting with store personnel and helping solve challenges.
  • Working independently, but with the support of a ‘That’s Possible’ team. 
  • Getting your exercise while you work.
  • Completing a project or task to the letter and looking back and admiring how neat and tidy your results are. 
Are you looking for consistent part-time team-work with free weekends? 

We offer:

  • Competitive pay
  • Medical benefits for full and part-time team members
  • Paid training
  • Potential for advancement

You enjoy:

  • Working independently on a team
  • Puzzles: Assembling, arranging and rearranging product, retail store sections and more…
  • Building store displays and moving products to fit to a set plan.
  • Positively interacting with store personnel and team members to solve challenges.
  • Working with friends, or team members that become your friends. 
  • Getting your exercise while you work.
  • Completing a project  to the letter and looking back and admiring how neat and tidy your results are.
Interested in a Supervisory role with TNG Retail Services? 

Be a part of the Jim Pattison Group legacy. 

We offer:

  • Competitive salary
  • Health benefits 
  • 401K
  • PTO for full-time team members
  • Potential for advancement

You enjoy:

  • Being a mover & shaker, not only embracing positive change, but driving it. 
  • Working as part of a team with an entrepreneurial, ‘That’s Possible’ spirit.
  • Rolling up your sleeves and building bridges between customers, colleagues and partners to get the work executed at retail, beyond expectations. 
  • Being a people person with a growth mindset.


Retail across the nation needs help making sure products are showcased in the best possible setting. Stores require the most organized and innovative strategies to keep up with trends and customer needs. Our customer’s priority is our priority. Our teams are front-runners when it comes to creative solutions. We don’t merely embrace change, we drive it.

Whether working independently, or as part of a project team, everyone’s actions make a difference here. You are not just a number or a face behind a cubicle wall. You are a key team member and accountable for helping execute flawlessly and managing the complexity which comes with retail service needs. You make things possible at retail. Read more about our culture, here

Being a member of the family owned, globally respected Jim Pattison Group, TNG Retail Services partners with its team members. We cultivate relationships and one of our priorities is our transparent integrity. We embrace our team members with respect and trust. Our members’ diversity is our strength. 

Working with us is rewarding, check out the testimonials below. 

Team Member Testimonial

“Danielle is super nice and tells me when I have done a good job. And if I have any questions, she is always there to help.”

Join the Reset, Remodel Team

Team Member Testimonial

“I enjoy the leadership role as I like to coordinate, organize and work with my team as a whole to produce the best results.”

Look for Leadership Opportunities in Your Area

At TNG Retail Services, we want team members to be engaged in their jobs and communities, be active and engaged in their health and ultimately achieve their highest level of well-being.  We understand the importance of a work-life balance, and the ever-changing schedules life throws us.  The demands of personal life, professional life, and family life are equal, and the opportunities here reflect that lifestyle.  In addition to these, we provide industry leading benefits and perks:

Medical, Dental, Vision & Pharmacy coverage for 30+ hr/wk team members
401(k) Company Match Program with our partner Evoshare option.
Continuing education opportunities. We partner with Capella University.
Savings & Discount Programs. Explore getting money back on your savings accounts with Chime. Save with T-Mobile and Verizon