These are unprecedented times and changes are happening minute by minute. It is of utmost importance that we follow the CDC direction in order to keep ourselves, our families, and our communities safe. 

Our retail partners are considered essential services. Today, we are helping them do what is necessary to serve families and communities. They need our help to ensure their stores are keeping up with the demands that are being placed upon them throughout this crisis.  As a company, we are proud to help our team members continue with employment in a time where everything is in flux. 


We are honored to be working with you in the support of families and communities in providing an essential service. 

For your reference, we’ve published our COVID-19 Safety Response Plan. 


You and your family’s safety are of utmost importance. You need to do what you think is best. Should you, or anyone you come in close contact with, experience any of the COVID-19 symptoms, we are stressing how important it is that you stay home. 

For everyone that is healthy, this is the time that we can truly be in service to our retailer clients. 

We have been so incredibly humbled by how resilient our team is! It is heartwarming to know we have so many that truly embody the #possible mindset. Our teams are doing very well. Check out this infograph of how we help our retail and supplier clients, how we help communities and families. 



We know this time has been challenging for everyone and we appreciate your leadership. We all, I am sure, will be mindful to help each other and be kind. Thank you for leading with a #possible attitude.

Here are a few resources you may need: